donderdag 20 mei 2010

WITS London - Southbank

London’s Southbank remains one of the world’s oldest and most iconic legitimate street skate spots, with a rich legacy in skateboard culture. Since the early 1970’s the public space known as The Undercroft, on the south bank of the River Thames, has been a hub for British and European skateboarding, with it’s unique architectural features providing a breeding ground for generations of skateboard talent.

Through the years large parts of the area have
succumbed to corporate redevelopment, leaving the skateable public area greatly reduced in size, though the skaters of the UK have actively and consistently lobbied for some official recognition and protection for the area that remains. Notably the concrete skateable blocks, installed by The Side Effects Of Urethane art collective in 2006, gave the space a new lease of life. However having been skated heavily over recent years, the blocks are in desperate need of updating.
Toby Shuall, one of TSEOU founders, has been given permission to replace the blocks with updated versions, and is actively raising funds to create brand new and improve
d skateable sculptures at the Southbank. It’s an ambitious project which will require significant investment to pull off.

Wild In The Streets London aims to raise money and awareness for the project to help maintain the legacy of skateboarding at the Southbank and support real street skating.

Join with us and support the cause, hopefully we will all help to keep the Southbank skateable well into the future.